A "deplorables" moment for Joe Biden shows why he won’t win the black vote

Another exchange captured Biden’s odd mix of aggrieved passivity.

“I’m wondering, how are you going to energize people and win a campaign from [your] house?” asked Charlamagne, kindly not mentioning the word “basement.”

The astonishing response from the man who aspires to be leader of the free world was that he is just doing what he was told: “I’m following the rules, man . . . My governor says he doesn’t want us out. I haven’t been out. I wear my mask. I have a mask. I got Secret Service outside. I walk outside. I have it on.”

The interview was a train crash. And, as his staff anticipated, it was always going to end in tears.

“Ain’t black” is Biden’s “deplorables” moment. Yet his supporters seem oblivious to the lethal blow it has delivered to his prospects, just as Hillary Clinton didn’t comprehend the catastrophe of her “basket of deplorables” insult to half of America in 2016.

Biden confirmed what Candace Owens’ “Blexit” movement is all about, the exit by black Americans from a Democratic Party that takes their vote for granted and traps them in a victim narrative.