The "stay home" brigades are shaming travelers, but summer travel may be what this country needs

I get it. People in safer areas don’t want their communities with limited health-care resources overwhelmed by visitors. Travelers have been regarded with suspicion since Biblical times, but nearly all of us have good intentions and will demonstrate good judgment. My hunch is that travelers will stay as far from others as possible this summer.

And there’s a peculiar irony that liberals—who seem to believe that everyone from around the globe has a constitutional right to move here—now effectively want to build walls around their communities to keep their fellow citizens out. If you’re from Lagos, welcome, but if you’re from Long Island, buzz off, right?

Preachy elites are warning us not to travel this summer. But I suspect many won’t forgo their holidays to Martha’s Vineyard or Cape Cod. J.B. Pritzker, the Democratic governor of Illinois, has sold his strict lockdown using the “All in” catchphrase. But when asked why his wife, M.K., had left Illinois for their $12 million equestrian estate in Florida, he called it a “reprehensible” question. As a former resident of Illinois and a current resident of Florida, I empathize with M.K. because, as Sir Richard Burton once put it, “man wants to wander, and he must do so, or he shall die.”