Biden just proved why he must have a black woman as VP

There are no white men, white women or “people of color” who are qualified and have the policy experience to be Biden’s running mate. They may have the resume and the bona fides, but they are not black. In this election, blackness is not just a symbolic attribute that could attract voters. Black people are more invested in the outcome of this election because we have given the most to the Democratic Party and have benefitted the least. We cannot ask America to fulfill its promise to the constitution while the Democratic party ignores its debt to us.

Joe Biden does not owe black women anything. They voted for him freely in the primary. The Democratic Party doesn’t owe black people anything, either.

But they need us.

If the Democratic Party decides to chase white women moderates like they did in 2016, they should expect the same results. Remember the 53 percent? Gretchen Whitmer ain’t shit but a midwestern Tim Kaine, and if you want to know how viable Amy Klobuchar is, just remember that I’m only seven primary delegates away from being tied with Amy Klobuchar in the race to the Democratic nomination and she has a $16,999,998 million lead on me in fundraising (I found $2 in the dryer yesterday).