It's time for media to say "We're sorry" to Ron DeSantis

When he began to reopen his state slowly, his decision was again met with criticism from those who warned that the governor was moving too quickly. But, again, the anticipated disaster has yet to materialize. As of right now, Florida’s reopening has proceeded without a major rise in cases.

Yet few of the health officials or mainstream media reporters who predicted disaster, which they attributed to DeSantis’s “stupidity,” have recanted or admitted that maybe, just maybe, DeSantis was right all along.

It is completely fair to demand a recantation given the seriousness of the allegations leveled against DeSantis. The governor was told he had “blood on his hands,” and his response to the virus was slammed as “inadequate, ill-conceived, poorly executed, and cowardly.” One writer even went so far as to accuse DeSantis of actively “killing” Floridians.

Why? Because DeSantis was reluctant to approach the shutdown with a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach; because he raised concerns about forcing churches to close; and because he followed the actual data instead of drafting panic-driven policy.