Faced with a barrage of Trump attacks, Biden looks the other way

The cheery non sequitur underscored a core presumption of Biden’s senior team as it enters a new phase of the presidential campaign, one marked by hourly offensives from one of the most accomplished political pugilists in American history, who now enjoys the largest electoral cash advantage of the modern era.

Biden’s advisers, aware of what Trump is preparing to fire at him, describe themselves as dead set against being triggered by his provocations or engaging with him on his terms. Voters will decide the election, they believe, in response to the crisis now engulfing the nation, not the spectacle of Trump’s Twitter feed…

Some of Biden’s top advisers have gone even further, predicting that Trump’s tactics of embracing false conspiracy theories and stirring up hurricanes of controversy could backfire, given an unemployment rate approaching 20 percent and a viral pandemic that has already killed nearly 90,000.

“The public is really focused on what matters in this election. And they’re not being dragged into side issues and they are not being dragged into manufactured issues,” said Mike Donilon, the Biden campaign’s senior strategist. “It’s just too serious. So I think Trump is risking a real problem in trying to push the conversation to a place where the country knows that’s not what’s at stake.”