Time to explode the Andrew Cuomo myth

To understand how utterly undeserved the lionization of Cuomo has been, one need only look at the vastly different treatment the media gave Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The Sunshine State has a bigger population than New York and arguably is just as international. It has a disproportionately vulnerable and older population. Yet Florida’s COVID-19 deaths per capita are less than one-tenth of New York’s.

DeSantis’s state has not only avoided the fate of Italy, but it has done better than Germany, Denmark, and other European countries that have received lavish praise for limiting the human cost of the coronavirus.

Yet at every turn, DeSantis has been vilified for perfectly reasonable decisions, apparently because he is a conservative Republican. The liberal media predicted a crisis when, for weeks, he resisted closing his state’s beaches, which the chattering classes of the know-all Left have apparently not noticed are wide-open, parklike spaces where people can keep a safe distance with minimal effort. That crisis never came. Yet the same fearmongers who disparaged DeSantis have had nothing but praise for the very New York governor who disastrously failed to order that the subways be closed and cleaned at night until two months into the pandemic.