Kayleigh McEnany’s media jujitsu

When asked if she would take back a comment about Trump not allowing the coronavirus to come to the US, for example, she started listing headlines from various mainstream media outlets like the Washington Post and New York Times downplaying the threat of COVID-19 and asking if they would like to take those back as well. When asked about a TV appearance in 2015 in which she called Trump ‘racist’, she blamed CNN for publishing misleading headlines about the President and then asked reporters to consider calling out the network’s many guests that falsely claimed there was evidence of Russian collusion for years.

It’s a masterful bait and switch — avoid actually answering the question and instead turn the media into the defendant. McEnany clearly knows the media’s routine and is prepared for it; before diving into one of those questions, she replied with a grin, ‘I’m glad you asked that.’