My medical opinion: Yes, it’s time for America to (carefully) reopen

There are three reasons to trust the liberalizing instincts of Gov. Kemp and, by extension, other governors, both Democratic and Republican. First, the mortality rate of Georgia started decreasing only 2 ½ weeks after he imposed moderate restrictions and less than two weeks after he issued the more conservative shelter-in-place order.

Second, calamitous super-spreader events, such as a large funeral in Georgia and Mardi Gras celebrations in Louisiana, will not be permitted during the first three phases of the White House/CDC plan. These kinds of events substantially exacerbated the mortality rates in every state where they occurred.

Third, experts have not given proper due to the “sunshine” effect. Warmer states, such as Tennessee, California and Texas have lower mortality rates; Hawaii has the lowest.

All countries south of the equator, now in their warmer months, have extremely low mortality rates. Warmer spring and summer temperatures will mean fewer deaths throughout the United States.