Backlash to the backlash: Governors, medical officials wary of rush to reopen

Governors from both parties discussed a range of difficult choices that would have been almost unimaginable three months ago — as well as such peculiar side issues as having armed protesters march on their capitol or needing to use the National Guard to protect coronavirus testing kits. And even as many states have taken assorted steps to reopen — moves encouraged by President Donald Trump — political leaders and health professionals expressed concerns that more mitigation was needed…

“People are letting their guard down a little bit more, people are back at work after an August recess, and then you can see this slow simmer explode into a new epidemic or a large outbreak,” Gottlieb said on CBS’ “‘Face The Nation“: “That’s the concern, that if we don’t snuff this out more, and you have this slow burn of infection, it can ignite at any time.”

Health professionals also warned that all states were not equally equipped to deal with the pandemic.

Access to testing and the healthcare testing operations continue to vary “like a patchwork across the country,” said Dr. Tom Inglesby, director of the Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins. “Before we even get to the fall, I am worried that we will have small waves in various places around the country for the coming months,” Inglesby said on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”