Whatever happened with Tara Reade, Biden is still infinitely better than Trump

You hear a lot from these folks (and often from Biden himself) about Biden’s integrity. People talk about his empathy, his humanity and the stunning amount of personal pain and loss he has endured.

And while that is all true, we cannot overlook his flaws: He was accused of plagiarism in law school. In 1988, when he first sought the Democratic presidential nomination, he was forced to drop out after he was caught plagiarizing British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock’s speeches about his hardscrabble upbringing. He turned a blind eye to his son Hunter’s sleazy exploitation of the family name.

And now he is fending off a terrible accusation, which he has handled with something approaching grace, if not full transparency.

He’s not perfect, but he’s not Donald Trump. If Biden is elected, he will surely begin to mend this broken country, renew our standing in the world, stop the demonization of immigrants, expand access to healthcare, appoint judges who put people over corporations and try to save us all from climate change.