The place Chinese travelers want to visit in 2020 is ... Wuhan

The hashtag “武汉成为疫情后网民最想去旅游的城市” (which roughly translates as “Wuhan becomes the top city netizens want to visit after the epidemic”) has become one of the hottest trending topics on Weibo, with 25,000 discussions and 270 million views on the topic.

“I think the real reason why netizens would want to visit Wuhan is to see the city that has experienced the historical moments. The epidemic situation has imprinted Wuhan on our minds. We have seen the perseverance and industriousness of Wuhan people,” wrote one Weibo user using the hashtag.

Hubei province, where Wuhan is located, became the second most desired province to visit after Beijing province. It wasn’t listed in the top 10 before the outbreak. Shennongjia, a 3,253-square-kilometer forest area in Hubei province, and Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan city also rose into the top 20 tourist attractions, according to the study.