Joe Biden and the presumption of innocence

It’s one thing to use a “preponderance of evidence” standard in a civil case. It’s another when there’s a 50 percent minus a feather chance that an innocent person might have his (and occasionally her) reputation destroyed and life wrecked by a dubious accusation.

Within a few years there were at least hundreds of such cases. Accused students, sometimes facing charges based on ambiguous sexual encounters, were left to fend for themselves in campus tribunals with little regard for due process. Guilty verdicts in these kangaroo courts tended to run high, but so did stories of financial settlements between schools and the families of the accused.

There’s no reason why one can’t be in favor of tough penalties for sexual misconduct and fairness toward the accused. But if Biden ever spoke up against the miscarriages of justice carried out in the name of his policy, I’m unaware of it.