EMTs in multiple cities now going door-to-door with test kits

It’s a small part of a larger effort to test more Americans for coronavirus in order to get a handle on how widely it has spread and prevent another wave of infections as some parts of the economy slowly reopen.

Emergency medical technicians employed by the New Orleans-based company Ready Responders are working in New York City, New Orleans, Reno, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C., and plan to begin working in Los Angeles later this month.

In New York City, a pilot program with the company has been going on for about two weeks and is focused on eight public housing locations. It’s meant to complement six new community testing sites that are also prioritizing New Yorkers who live in public housing…

“It’s been pretty hectic,” the 24-year-old EMT said, smiling behind her mask. “I’m doing a lot of COVID calls. It’s insane how often these calls are coming and they’re just, like, ‘No one’s tested us before.'”