You can’t win, Justin Amash. You can only help Trump get reelected.

Just look at 2016: When you Google most major exit polls, the Libertarian Party results don’t even show up immediately — they’re buried in the “other” category. Dig a little deeper and you see that, according to The Washington Post, the last Libertarian ticket of former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson and former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld never made it out of single digits nationally with any major demographic. According to CNN, Johnson-Weld never made it out of single digits in any state — in Johnson’s home state, he was at just over 9 percent.

At least one reporter tweeted that Amash recently said that he would run third-party only if he thought he had a chance to win. But he’s kidding himself. Even if, by some miracle, Amash doubled Johnson’s 9 percent result in New Mexico nationally, he would still only be in Ross Perot 1992 territory, when the billionaire got around 19 percent of the popular tally and still didn’t win a single electoral college vote. Amash can’t win.

But he can siphon enough votes from the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, to hand the election to Trump.