“The thing that's shocked me is 13 people have come in to join in four hours”

In suburban Atlanta on Friday morning, Tangles hair salon was open for business, the phone was ringing and two hair stylists were working on cuts and color. “My customers are all wanting to get their hair done,” said Mark Glover as he touched up a client’s roots. Glover said hair salons are already held to stringent sterilization and cleanliness regulations by the state: “We’re used to having sanitary conditions.”

Across metropolitan Atlanta, many barber shops and beauty salons appeared open although at least one asked customers to sign waivers. Nail salons, tattoo parlors and bowling alleys in the area mostly looked closed…

Husband and wife Andrew Tran and Kathy Luong worked late into the evening Wednesday, affixing acrylic partitions to the nail-technician stations at their business, Bartow Nails & Spa, in Cartersville, Georgia.

When they open for business on Monday after a nearly month-long shutdown, they’ll hand out face masks to a limited number of customers who will slip their hands under the partitions to staff wearing face shields. Eager to return to work, the couple is also nervous: This well-off, heavily Republican part of Georgia suffered a fast-moving outbreak of Covid-19 last month — and one of the highest death rates in the state.