The president is unwell

Every day, we have to worry about the president’s mental health when he should be worrying about our physical health.

After saying he wanted “the governors to be running things,” Trump said his authority was “total.” “The president of the United States calls the shots,” he explained. Three days later, he told governors, “You’re going to call your own shots.”

To the extent that Trump has a plan, it is to take credit for everything the governors do well and to blame them for everything he does poorly. On Wednesday, he faulted Georgia’s Republican governor for reopening businesses too soon. This was five days after Trump called for several states to be “liberated” from the guidelines he himself had issued the day before. Governors can’t do anything right. If they reopen businesses, Trump will blame them for deaths. If they keep businesses closed, he will blame them for a bad economy as well as deaths. By doing nothing, Trump hopes to be blamed for nothing.