Texas poll: Trump 49, Biden 44

Donald Trump would beat Joe Biden 49%-44% in Texas if the presidential race were held now, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.

In the Trump-Biden contest, Democratic and Republican voters overwhelmingly back their own party’s candidate. But independent voters are on the fence, with 39% favoring Trump, 29% favoring Biden and 32% saying they haven’t formed an opinion.

Female voters are split, 46% to 46%, on the presidential race. Male voters are solidly with Trump, 53% to 41%. In the poll, Trump beat Biden 60% to 34% among white voters, but Biden is far ahead with black voters (74% to 16%) and in the lead with Hispanic voters (50% to 40%). Other differences show up in geography, with 57% of urban voters favoring Biden, Trump leading in the suburbs, 49% to 43%, and 67% of rural voters in Texas saying they’d favor the Republican.