Focus group: Ohio swing voters want Trump to act more like a governor

Asked for the leadership qualities they admire in other governors around the country managing the crisis, these voters offered words including “patience,” “sympathetic” and “sincere” — and praised leaders who appear to fight “passionately” to protect their constituents.

By contrast, they described Trump as “lackadaisical” with his words, not always sounding “the most educated,” and being “all over the place.”

“I do think his ego is getting a bit in the way, and I think now we’re seeing things in the face of this pandemic that go on behind the scenes that we haven’t seen before,” said Kristen D. “Maybe he’s exposed a little bit.”

Trump should behave more like DeWine, several said.

“I would just encourage President Trump to do the same thing that DeWine is doing and get rid of the politics. That just hogs up too much of the spotlight and it just becomes much more divisive. This is a time for our nation to be coming together and look, I think the state of Ohio has done a pretty good job of coming together. Mr. Trump could take some of the cool, calm, collected, grandpa-kind-of-DeWine. This whole attitude and perspective — it’s much more unifying than it is divisive.”

— Michael H., an Ohio Obama/Trump swing voter.