Five actions we need to take to restore the American way of life

Fourth, we must require that employers and public venues institute temperature checks for their employees and customers as a condition of return and entry. Businesses should begin at 50 percent capacity of employees and customers and only increase upon improving data in their county. These actions will begin to restore public confidence to our travel, restaurant, retail and hotel businesses. If we do not begin to restore these industries soon, we may not be able to replicate these key parts of American life.

Fifth, we should restore construction activities of all kinds with workers using masks and gloves at all times. Even more importantly, the next congressional relief package should include a bipartisan infrastructure bill to rebuild our roads, bridges, airports and tunnels. This will create thousands of jobs to rebuild our economy and put food on the tables of U.S. households. Given the lessened automobile and mass transit traffic, this is the perfect time to begin this long-overdue work and will provide a jump-start to economic recovery.