Are Democrats taking the Latino vote for granted?

And yet Latino voters are not, so far, indicating they will turn out in decisive numbers for former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who is counting on their support to win key swing states including Arizona, Florida and Pennsylvania. New polling indicates that 45 percent of Latinos approve of the president’s handling of the coronavirus.

While Mr. Biden remains the choice of the majority of registered Hispanic voters, at 59 percent, Mr. Trump is the choice of 22 percent, according to a poll released Friday by Latino Decisions, a Los Angeles-based Democratic polling firm. Though the polling was conducted before his most recent statements and actions on immigration and the coronavirus, it is the latest evidence that Mr. Trump maintains steady support from a significant slice of Latino voters. Several polls of Latinos in battleground states have consistently shown Mr. Trump receiving slightly more than 20 percent of the votes.

The poll also shows that enthusiasm for Mr. Biden seems to be slipping — he was favored by 67 percent of registered Latino voters in February.