Georgia's decision to reopen draws mixed reactions from business owners

Tara Villalvazo, 36, who lives in Acworth, a city in Cobb County, is a tattoo and permanent makeup artist. She owns Mystic Owl Tattoo in Marietta.

She said it was negligent for Kemp to allow businesses to reopen Friday, especially those like hers that provide personal care services. When she applies permanent makeup on customers, they breathe in her face.

“My question for him is, how do you tattoo someone who is 6 feet away?” she said.

Villalvazo said she fears for the safety of the entire state.

“It makes me scared for clients and other people who will open because they feel that it’s OK,” she said. “The fact that he said it’s OK to open doesn’t mean that the virus transmission is different or that less people will die.”