Poll: Trump's attacks on the WHO are hurting its brand

In the latest Morning Consult poll, 55 percent of voters approved of the global health organization’s handling of the pandemic while 30 percent disapproved, a decline of 29 percentage points in net approval from earlier this month. The change was driven by a dramatic drop among Republican voters as the share of the electorate that primarily blames China for the spread of the coronavirus in the United States ticked up in recent weeks.

In the weeks since an April 3-5 poll, when 71 percent of voters backed the WHO’s handling of the pandemic and 17 percent disapproved, the United Nations-led group has become a punching bag for the president. On April 7, Trump scorched the organization from behind a White House lectern after the WHO spoke out in late January against his decision to limit travel to the United States from China, and threatened to withhold its funding. A week later, he made good on the threat and accused the organization of “severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus.”

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