Poll: The public isn't ready to reopen America

This consensus, polling suggests, hasn’t diminished in recent days, even as Americans’ personal concerns about contracting the virus appear to have ticked down from their peak at the start of April. In four surveys over the past month, the share of Americans staying home has remained between 86% and 89%, and the share supporting states’ decisions to issue stay-at-home orders has stayed between 77% and 81%.

In the most recent HuffPost/YouGov survey, conducted last Friday through Sunday, 86% of Americans said they were trying to stay home as much as possible, and about 65% said they’d continue to stay home even if all restrictions were lifted in their area.

Just 15% said there are too many coronavirus-related restrictions in place where they live, with 53% saying restrictions are at the right level, and 23% that there are not enough restrictions.

A 78% majority said state governments that have told residents to stay at home unless they have an essential reason for going out are making the right decision by issuing such orders, with just 9% saying those states are making the wrong decision. Americans said, 60% to 24%, that they’re more concerned that states will lift the restrictions too quickly than that they will not lift the restrictions quickly enough.

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