Baseball without fans sounded crazy. It might just work.

For starters, staging a baseball game requires more people than most people imagine. Even with no fans in attendance, it takes more than the players and coaches to put on a major-league season—and even they alone would constitute more than 1,000 people. There are also umpires and clubhouse attendants, stadium security staff and television camera operators, team doctors and bus drivers, groundskeepers and cooks.

MLB must be able to guarantee access to the testing infrastructure to monitor those people every single week of a season—without that taking away capacity from the front-line response to the pandemic, or other sectors of the economy considered to be higher-priority…

In some ways, Arizona is the ideal location for baseball to create its quarantine zone. In addition to Chase Field, the Arizona Diamondbacks’ downtown stadium, the Phoenix metro area has 10 spring training sites already used by MLB teams and several colleges with high-quality fields. It also has ample hotel space to keep people isolated.

Unfortunately, the MLB “Biodome” wouldn’t be climate controlled — leaving baseball to figure out how to play games outside during the extreme heat of the desert summer.

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