We're all "Tenthers" now: Trump has made liberals suddenly love federalism

One pleasing benefit of Donald Trump’s presidency has been the restoration of the media and the Left’s interest in federalism. How we got here is a slightly embarrassing and winding path back toward admitting that there is a 10th Amendment.

Go back a few weeks, and you’ll see widespread belief among the elites that the federal government had the primary duty to control businesses and public places. Democratic lawmakers attacked Trump for not wielding the powers of a governor or a mayor. Maybe they were simply looking for any reason to attack Trump. Maybe they were acting out of sheer ignorance of the Constitution. Maybe they are just statists engaged in wishful central planning.

Democratic Mayor Latoya Cantrell of New Orleans tried to pass the buck to Washington in an effort to exculpate herself from the folly of allowing Mardi Gras to go ahead. “When it’s not taken seriously at the federal level,” she said, “it’s very difficult to transcend down to the local level in making these decisions.” The devil, it appeared, had made her do it.

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