House conservatives who attack Fauci should know better

In the moment, was Fauci’s use of “inconvenient” an understatement? Okay, sure, but c’mon. He clearly said it to conform to White House messaging: The restrictions are necessary even though there are significant costs; but the administration believes those costs will be temporary and does not want to alarm the country by suggesting that they are ruinous.

Biggs and Buck need to man up.

Fauci’s job is public health, with a focus on infectious disease. It is to be expected that he is predisposed to emphasize the risks of a pandemic, from which over 20,000 Americans have died. If the congressmen believe that this is the wrong emphasis, and that the president is getting too much input from the doctors and not enough from economists, then their problem is with the president, not the doctors.

Biggs and Buck posit, “The economic calamity lies largely with the origination of policies resulting from Fauci’s recommendations.” Really? Who, after hearing from the experts, adopted the policies? Is it now known as the Fauci administration?

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