How to be a woman on Twitter

The Intersectional Crusader

This girl can be just plain exhausting. Every piece of political news is met with a hand-clapping tweet consisting of overly reductive progressive talking points. Anyone who disagrees is immediately blocked or ‘dragged’, and despite this girl’s own toxic following, she unironically hates Bernie Bros. She repeats statements 10-plus times in one post, such as ‘BELIEVE ALL WOMEN’ or ‘MEN ARE TRASH’, but you likely won’t find her saying anything about the recent sexual assault accusation against Joe Biden.

The Fisherwoman

The Fisherwoman cultivates a small but loyal following by constantly posting about how awful they are so friends and simps alike will swoop in to tell them how wrong they are. Self-deprecating jokes, no-makeup selfies with captions about how terrible they look, and posts about never finding a boyfriend are all par for the course here.

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