White House still has no road map for restarting the economy

Like the majority of policy decisions within this White House, the nascent moves to restart the economy have been plagued by different factions of staffers vying for power — or simply not communicating with one another. Some officials are looking at data from states to make their recommendations, while economic officials are weighing moves to change tax policy to boost growth once again.

Trump and his top aides are receiving advice from a number of executives and donors, some of whom are urging him to reopen the country in phases. The president and his advisers have yet to settle on the benchmarks they’ll use to decide which parts of the country reopen and when, according to interviews with eight senior administration officials and Republicans close to the White House.

“If it is based off of data or metrics or some type of threshold, then the White House will have to put that out there and start building the case because the president has said he will do it in a way that is safe,” said one Republican. “If he lays out the case, then I think he will have the public with him. If it is just by his gut, that is where he will get beaten up politically.”

“In the absence of that road map, there will be a lot of political criticism,” the same Republican added.

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