The Faucian bargain

But as the Post notes, “The White House cannot unilaterally reopen the country. Though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued federal guidance advising people to avoid social gatherings, work from home and use pickup and delivery options for food, it is state officials who have put the force of law behind those suggestions.”

So what experts like Fauci say will still matter. A lot.

Fauci’s approval ratings are far higher than Trump’s, so he can still influence how the country reacts. But that also means that he poses a threat to Trump.

So far, Fauci is trying to navigate the politics here, warning against prematurely opening areas such as New York City. But strains are already showing. The Fox News-talk radio-feedback loop is targeting Fauci for emphasizing public health over economics.

If Trump decides to move too quickly to reopen the country for business, Fauci will face a stark choice. Stay at the table or speak out.

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