Death toll overwhelms NYC hospitals, morgues, funeral homes

“That’s why people may not be getting ICU care in an expeditious fashion and are stuck on a ventilator on the floor,” said the doctor, who asked for his name and the name of his employer withheld because he didn’t have permission to speak to the press. “There’s no place to put the body that died in the ICU three hours previously.”…

The refrigerated trucks the hospital is using as extra morgue space had filled up, forcing the hospital to use unrefrigerated space in storage rooms throughout the hospital, he described. He recently followed a “transporter,” whose job it is to move patients and bodies throughout the facility, to one of those makeshift locations.

“Twelve to fourteen [bodies], in a 15’ by 15’ room, literally side by side on the stretchers. It’s horrible, horrible, it’s terrible,” the doctor said. “I’m not sure there are any good solutions about where to put them.”

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