Top Trump ally sounds 2020 election alarm over coronavirus response

What we’re hearing: “The next 4-8 weeks is really going to decide whether Trump gets reelected,” Stephen Moore, Trump’s former nominee for the Federal Reserve board, told Axios. If the administration mishandles its economic recovery efforts, he said, Trump is “in big trouble.”…

“I don’t think [Mnuchin] has yet started thinking about that long-term, how do we incentivize the rapid recovery or the V-shape bounce back?” McIntosh told Axios.

“I understand their planning process, to deal with emergency,” he said. “But now it’s time to start thinking of the exit strategy.”

“Red flags are going up. We understand that there is this sort of survival phase, but there’s a concern that Mnuchin is overplaying that and not looking ahead,” a conservative strategist told Axios. “The emerging consensus is the next phase needs to be about economic growth, not about making government bigger through massive spending and increased regulation that stifles the economic recovery.”