Poll: More than half of Americans say they're now wearing masks in public

After conflicting guidance over the last several weeks about whether it is necessary to wear some sort of face covering as a prophylactic measure, 55% of Americans who left their home in the last week said they wore a face mask or face covering, while 45% said they did not…

One of the main forces driving Americans’ views is partisanship, with respondents appearing as divided over the coronavirus as they are over President Donald Trump.

This is even the case when it comes to wearing a face mask or covering in public. There is a 22 percentage point difference between Democrats (69%) and Republicans (47%) on wearing a mask, with a slight majority of Republicans (53%) electing to not wear a mask in public. The no-mask wearers stand at 31% for Democrats. Independents fall far closer to Republicans on this issue, with 49% choosing to wear a mask, and 51% not.