"How do I get help?" dying coronavirus patient asked Alexa

Ms. Dagen discovered voice recordings of her sister pleading with Alexa to intervene as her health worsened. She said she found the recordings on Monday, two days after Lou Ann Dagen died of complications from the virus.

“‘How do I get help?’” her sister asked in the recording. “‘How do I get to the police?’”

Lou Ann Dagen was one of six residents of the nursing home, Metron of Cedar Springs, who died after being stricken with the virus, a spokesman for the center confirmed. Thirty-one residents and five staff members at the nursing home, which is about 20 miles north of Grand Rapids, Mich., have tested positive for the virus, according to the nursing home.

“I was surprised how much she had cried for help on there,” Penny Dagen said. “She was hurting so bad.”