The ballad of Clay Travis

And yet the guy who spent weeks insisting that we should do nothing, that it was all no big deal, that anyone concerned about the global pandemic was an idiot—that of course people should travel from around the country to pack themselves into a basketball arena at the height of a contagion—is now telling listeners that the positive results from everyone else’s sacrifices . . . prove him right?!

This is a phenomenon that anyone who has followed the anti-vaxxer movement understands well: The idiots who run around trying to wreck public health have the luxury to do so only because the rest of us have kept them and their loved ones safe by taking it seriously.

So the new Travis schtick is to put out “daily coronavirus positivity,” which is not, unfortunately, a celebration of the people risking their lives to rescue people from a virus that turned out to be far more serious than he anticipated.

No, his “daily positivity” is instead an opportunity for him to congratulate himself anytime the pile of bodies outside of hospitals is stacked slightly lower than it had been the day before. Good news everyone, only 636 deaths in Italy today. Great news folks, only 2,000 deaths now anticipated in Texas. Guess what, only 33,460 new cases of the virus in America today and just 1,940 new daily deaths down from 1,971, Roll Tide!