Coronavirus has killed more Americans in five weeks than swine flu did in a year

COVID-19 is the first virus the World Health Organization has declared as a pandemic since the H1N1 swine flu in 2009.

There were around 60.8 million H1N1 cases in the United States, the CDC said. As of April 7, more than 386,000 people have had confirmed coronavirus cases since January in the U.S., according to Johns Hopkins.

While the two viruses have each killed more than 12,000 people in the U.S., they are quite different. Globally, 80 percent of people who died from the 2009 swine flu were younger than 65 years old, according to the CDC. Coronavirus tends to be more deadly to older people.

Flu viruses like H1N1 are spread through both respiratory droplets and airbone particles, according to Coronavirus is mainly spread through respiratory droplets, the publication said.