Why we love to hate celebrities

I should be happy they are doing it. God knows nurses need the cash. But hearing well-fed calls for unity amid the storm of domestic and international dishonesty, ineptitude and arrogance that has characterized the COVID-19 crisis sticks in the craw. ‘One World: Together at Home’ is a weirdly complacent name as well, not just because so many truckers, shelf-stackers, sales assistants, construction workers, police officers et cetera are out of work, but because some countries, like Japan and South Korea, have thus far done a good enough job of containing the virus that they have not had to lock down half as much as Europe and the United States.

Besides, you get the creeping, spiteful suspicion that being at home seems far more like a pleasant lark when you have an enormous house, garden and swimming pool than when you don’t. You get the creeping, spiteful feeling that all these celebs are short of is attention. The more you think about it, the more you wish they had set up a GoFundMe, turned off their cameras and shut the hell up.

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