Colorado county: Up to 18 months in jail if you visit right now

Gunnison County officials initiated a public health order last week that says non-residents and tourists must stay out to help slow the spread of coronavirus, and it comes with hefty consequences if it’s violated, according to county documents.

If someone doesn’t follow the public health order, they could be hit with a fine of up to $5,000 and spend 18 months in county jail, according to the order.

“The public health director finds that non-residents, visitors and non-resident homeowners from lower altitudes are at a greater risk for complications from COVID-19 infection than residents, who are acclimatized to the high altitude environment of Gunnison County,” the order said. “The public health director also finds that non-residents, regardless of whether they own a residence in Gunnison County, are imposing unnecessary burdens on health care, public services, first responders, food supplies and other essential services.”

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