Marco Rubio finds his next act

As chairman of the usually sleepy Small Business Committee, Rubio has a key position in the country’s response and recovery from the pandemic. His panel’s $377 billion lifeline for small businesses is a linchpin of Congress’ $2 trillion economic rescue package, and Rubio’s efforts are winning praise from Republicans and Democrats alike even as implementation of the program remains deeply uncertain.

And his work may just be beginning: Rubio and his panel are likely to be called upon again soon as the economy craters to provide more aid and potentially improve the rescue law’s signature Paycheck Protection Program…

“Am I interested in potentially running for president one day? Sure, absolutely, because I ran once before. I don’t know if I will,” he said in the interview. “I don’t know what the world is going to look like in four, five, six years or what my life is going to look like.”

The coronavirus crisis has drawn out hints of what may be a crowded Senate Republican field aspiring to follow Trump.

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