Let's compare coronavirus hospitalizations to flu hospitalizations

If you’re still unconvinced, or know someone you’d like to convince, this one fact ought to make things clear: In New York state, more people were admitted to the hospital with the coronavirus last week than have ever been admitted in a single week with the flu — by a factor of five.

The winter of 2017-2018 was a particularly bad flu season in New York, with 23,337 people admitted to the hospital over the course of the whole season. More than 10% of those, almost 2,500, were admitted in the week ending Feb. 3, 2018. That’s the highest number of new flu hospitalizations I can find in a single week in New York.

Compare that to coronavirus admissions this past week. From Friday, March 27, to Thursday, April 2, more than 12,000 new patients were hospitalized in New York state with the coronavirus, according to data assembled by COVIDtracking.com.