Why was the Bernie vs. Biden debate so absurd?

5. I miss Elizabeth Warren

Okay, this is a personal point but I think it applies more broadly, too. It’s not just that Warren was my candidate, but I think she would have threaded the needle of this moment on this stage — outlining her detailed, comprehensive plans and pointing out the differences between her and her opponents but also highlighting where they agree and keeping her true enemy in her sights. Warren would have done what neither Biden nor Sanders did — explain with precise and devastating clarity exactly how Trump’s failed leadership exacerbated this pandemic. And bear in mind how elegantly she eviscerated Michael Bloomberg — not finger wagging or screaming at him but posing sharp, simple questions and points with painfully plain implications. I feel like Warren is the candidate we needed on this stage and the leader we need in this moment and we, as a party, blew it by not nominating her.

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