Arizona: Biden 46, Trump 43; Kelly 50, McSally 44

Arizona’s Electoral College votes could be in play in November, according to a Monmouth (“Mon-muth”) University Poll of registered voters in the state. Joe Biden has a slight lead over President Donald Trump, while Bernie Sanders is basically tied with the incumbent. In tomorrow’s Democratic primary election, Biden has a 20 point lead over Sanders. The poll also finds that the Arizona U.S. Senate race could start off with a Democratic edge as well, with Mark Kelly having a 6 point lead against Martha McSally. In other poll results, a majority of Arizona voters are concerned about coronavirus hitting their family, but the level of concern varies widely by party affiliation.

Among Arizona voters who are considered likely to participate in the Democratic primary for president, support currently stands at 51% for Biden and 31% for Sanders. Tulsi Gabbard is backed by just 1% and candidates who have dropped out of the race also get support from early voters, including Mike Bloomberg (5%), Elizabeth Warren (3%), Pete Buttigieg (3%), and Amy Klobuchar (1%).

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