Smart move or grave mistake? NYC keeps schools open

“You’re not going to have a functioning health care system if the folks in the medical field, the doctors, the nurses, the techs, everyone has to stay home with their kids,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said on MSNBC.

Parent Anna Gold didn’t see it his way.

“It would be a hardship if they closed the schools, but I think it’s a necessary one we need to take in the space of this emergency,” said Anna Gold, who pulled her third-grader and kindergartner out of public schools in Brooklyn on Friday and plans to keep them home next week.

Another parent, Dori Kleinman, said she wishes the mayor would allow individual schools to make a decision about whether to close…

“If it’s apparent it’s the safe thing, then it must be done, but it’s going to have a big impact on nurses,” said Eileen Toback, executive director of the New York Professional Nurses Union, which represents nurses at Manhattan’s Lenox Hill Hospital. “They’re on the front lines. They need to be here in shifts. They’re single mothers or single fathers sometimes, so they don’t have many backups, and the hospital is 24/7.”

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