Bad takes on the coronavirus

Not all of us can get elected president, but while our Dear Leader shares his thoughts, impulses, and whims on something with which he is entirely unfamiliar, the rest of us are left to wonder: Who cares about our opinions?

Ideally, the answer would be just about nobody, unless we happen to be immunologists or epidemiologists or otherwise possess relevant expertise. But the bad takes abound nonetheless. It’s worth taking a moment to look back at some of the worst coronavirus takes from the last couple of months—just so you can make a mental note never to take any of the authors seriously again.

There isn’t enough time or pixels to offer a truly comprehensive account of bad takes, just like there aren’t enough respirators or test kits to actually test for COVID-19. Consider this just a selection of some of the folks who, despite advice and evidence from experts, decided not to take the coronavirus seriously or to treat it as a subject of bizarre conspiratorial speculation. (Note: This list does not include iffy statements from President Trump, who has repeatedly demonstrated he cannot be trusted to get the facts right.)

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