Poll: Republicans largely dismiss threat of coronavirus

Forty-eight percent of Democrats said they were following the coronavirus news very closely; only 32 percent of Republicans said the same.

Twenty-nine percent of Democrats said the threat is exaggerated; among Republicans, that number was nearly 30 points higher (58 percent).

Seventy-four percent of Democrats said they are worried about the virus; only 45 percent of Republicans agreed.

Fifty-eight percent of Democrats predicted coronavirus would spread to the entire country; only 28 percent of Republicans agreed.

Most Democrats echoed the authorities in saying that the U.S. death toll would top 1,000 fatalities (55 percent) and that no vaccine would be available this year (61 percent). Most Republicans said the opposite, with 66 percent predicting fewer than 1,000 fatalities and 57 percent saying a vaccine would arrive in 2020.

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