"Why don’t you do your job!"

Trump has tweeted about the Democratic primary more than a dozen times in the past month, almost all of which involve him pushing the conspiracy theory that the Democratic National Committee, or unnamed members of the party “establishment,” are trying to steal the nomination from Sanders. By comparison, Trump has mentioned coronavirus test kits only one time on Twitter during that same period.

“What amazes me, here we have a stock market that is collapsing you have a coronavirus that is scaring the entire world we have climate change, which is a threat to the human planet and Donald Trump keeps worrying about the Democratic primary,” Sanders said.

“So, Mr. President, if you watch anything other than Fox [News], I don’t know that you do,” he continued, as the audience laughed. “Why don’t you do your job! Pay attention to the needs of the American people. Don’t worry so much about the Democratic primary.”

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