Biden's primary success is undeniable — and ridiculous

What does this tell us? Given a choice between the Vermont senator politely suggesting that the world’s wealthiest country just might be able to afford things like single-payer health care and university education that does not require 18-year-olds to become indentured servants, and the former vice president who routinely fantasizes about attacking the current president and threatens random voters with violence and reminisces about his long and non-existent career as a civil rights activist, voters prefer the latter without hesitation.

They want to spend hundreds of hours of their lives figuring out the difference between the Bronze Choice Care Plus Advantage Plan and the Silver Choice Care Advantage Plus Plan and the Gold Advantage Choice Care Plan (Plus). They want young people who are required to earn meaningless pieces of paper in order to secure gainful employment to take out what are effectively mortgages at the age of 18. They want the lifelong stooge of the credit card companies, who incidentally awarded his son a five-year consulting agreement.

They want our foreign policy in the hands of a man who was pushing for an invasion of Iraq all the way back in 1998, who has lied so many times about his record on this issue that he probably doesn’t even remember what he believed or when, much less care.