Biden's not ready for Trump

Pundits are so desperate to gaslight voters into thinking Biden’s behavior is normal that they insisted the exchange with the auto worker was ‘terrific’, ‘impressive’, and ‘a good thing’. NBC News aired a portion of the video clip, but cut out the part where Biden threatened to slap the voter and praised him for ‘pull[ing] no punches’. Biden later explained away his behavior to a reporter by blaming the Sanders campaign for amplifying the moment. The media won’t be able to cover for Biden’s aggression when he is stuck on a debate stage with Trump, who will easily rile him up and then pummel him on every misstep.

‘This latest Biden meltdown is a great contrast for the Trump campaign and our efforts to gain union support,’ Bob Paduchik, the Trump campaign’s senior adviser for Labor and Law Enforcement Outreach told The Spectator. ‘Biden visits a plant that is going to employ thousands of people solely because of President Trump’s policies. While Joe Biden is there, he uses profanity to verbally assault a union worker that asked him a tough question.’

The Democratic establishment may be celebrating Mini Tuesday because it appears they’ve successfully avoided nominating a socialist, but they have much more to worry about once Biden has secured the nomination. He is still an incredibly weak candidate whose flaws will be over exposed during a general election in which he will not be able to hide behind high profile endorsements and glowing media coverage.

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