Biden will host "virtual events" as coronavirus fears heat up

A number of Mr. Biden’s donors and supporters, while thrilled about his latest string of victories in a series of Tuesday primaries, have also been quietly concerned about how the outbreak of the coronavirus might affect campaign events.

“They put people’s lives at risk when you put more than 200 people, maybe even 100 people, in a room,” said South Carolina State Senator Dick Harpootlian, a Biden supporter, adding that Mr. Sanders, who favors large rallies, should consider those risks as well.

He tossed out a handful of his own suggestions for campaigning amid coronavirus. “You’re going to see more use of conference calls, more use of video conferencing, all of those sorts of things,” he said.

Instead of campaigning in Tampa on Thursday, Mr. Biden will discuss combating the coronavirus in Wilmington, Del.

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