Sanders’s loss in Michigan crushes staff and supporters

Sanders supporter Justin Onwenu said he didn’t have any answers about what went wrong, but added that the campaign is about “more than just one night, one election, one primary, one president or one campaign”.

“The values that the senator has been fighting for – clean water, clean air, health care as a human right, making sure we’re supporting unions – I think those are values that Michigan is going to pick up, and you’re going to see candidates fighting for more of them in the future,” Onwenu said. “People in Michigan are better off for having Bernie Sanders speak to these issues.”

As results came in and showed Biden’s lead widening beyond reach, Sanders’ Michigan campaign coordinator, Michael Fasullo, addressed supporters and volunteers, characterizing the night as “difficult, frustrating” while underscoring what the progressive cause is up against.

“This work is not easy. If it was something that’s in the bag, then we would’ve had Medicare for All and a Green New Deal a long time ago,” he said. “It’s hard for many reasons. There are entrenched interests and there’s an establishment that wants to see us not succeed, but we continue on throughout this process no matter what.”