Putin invokes FDR as he moves to erase Russian constitutional term limit

“There are precedents for elections for more than two terms, including in the United States,” said Putin Tuesday in an address to the Russian legislature. “And why? Look: the Great Depression. Huge economic problems, unemployment and poverty in the U.S. at that time, and later on, World War II. When a country is going through such upheavals and such difficulties — in our case, we have not yet overcome all the problems since the USSR. This is also clear — stability may be more important and must be given priority.”

Putin made those comments after his legislative allies unveiled a plan to scrap the Russian Constitution’s stipulation that a president shall serve no more than two consecutive terms, which would force him to leave office in 2024. The fourth-term president spent four years as prime minister after two previous terms as president.

“It will basically solidify his power, and he will be a new Stalin,” Alisa Muzergues, a foreign policy analyst at GLOBSEC in Slovakia, told the Washington Examiner.

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